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Presentation: Being a Responsible Developer in the Age of AI Hype

MMS Founder
MMS Justin Sheehy

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Being a Responsible Developer in the Age of AI Hype



Justin Sheehy discusses the dramatic developments in some areas of artificial intelligence and the need for the responsible use of AI systems. This talk aims at helping developers navigate the future, by providing guidance on how to critically assess AI: avoiding hype, using it responsibly, and creating ethical systems.


Justin Sheehy has spent most of his career thinking about how to make systems safer and more resilient. He is currently Chief Architect for Infrastructure Engineering and Operations at Akamai. Previously he’s played roles including Chief Technologist for Cloud Native Storage (VMware), CTO (Basho), Principal Scientist (MITRE), Distributed Systems Engineer (multiple times), and more.

About the conference

Get clarity from senior software practitioners on today’s critical dev priorities with two days of technical talks and peer connections.

Recorded at:

Jul 02, 2024

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