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5 More Features of IBM Db2 12 for z/OS

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Article originally posted on Database Journal – Daily Database Management & Administration News and Tutorials. Visit Database Journal – Daily Database Management & Administration News and Tutorials

Zero-latency HTAP

As big data applications matured one thorny performance issue remained: the data in the appliance was huge, and required time-consuming data load processes. For some customers it became like a large data warehouse, providing analytics against day-old data. Other customers attempted to load the appliance as soon as operational data was available. Still, there was a time delay while loading applications executed. Also, at times several loads were required to several tables to maintain data consistency. For example, one couldn’t load new orders into the Order table until the corresponding customers were loaded into the Customer table.

The latest versions of IBM’s Db2 version 12 and IDAA can now be configured to allow concurrent transactional and analytical processing. IBM’s new patented concurrent replication protocol is a “just-in-time” method of propagating operational Db2 table changes to the IDAA. The result is that transaction data in the operational application systems is up-to-date for business analytics requests executed against data in the appliance.

The result is a hybrid of both transactional and analytical processing.

With these new features (and more) of their flagship relational database management system, IBM has redefined the infrastructure of enterprise information technology to better align with digital business, cloud computing and mobile applications. New access path management methods such as dynamic SQL plan stability allow for more efficient capacity planning while reducing the risks of rogue SQL statements running for extended periods while locking data and consuming large amounts of CPU time. Finally, synergy with advances in IBM z14 hardware such as taking advantage of the hardware acceleration of cryptographic processing and data compression means that Db2 on IBM Z will continue to provide industry-leading scalability, availability and performance.

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