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Cloud Acceleration Services

Overwhelmed with Tech Debt?

Total cost of support soaring with your current on-prem database systems?

Plagued by database expertise shortages?

Not happy with offshore support and constant revolving door of support staff affecting continuity?

Issues moving forward with critical corporate initiatives due to tech debt, database shortage expertise, non-continuity of offshore database support and expertise?

Migrating your database platform to the cloud reduces support issues, tech debt, database expertise shortages, continuity issues with offshore support as well as lowering total cost of ownership.  In addition, responding to sudden change in corporate strategies and priorities is simplified as the cloud provides a platform to create your own customized database as a service offering for your organization.

We provide a cloud accelerator program that can ensure your cloud migrations are executed without any issues and your existing staff has to knowledge automated tools needed for a secure and successful database cloud migration.

Typical issues when migrating to cloud: