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Our team services industries from Energy, Health Care, and Telecommunications, to Managed Security providers.

AI Training Data Assessment

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How is this data handled? What data pipelines and aggregations are the source of your training data?Can this process be reproduced if needed for compliance reasons? Let us help you with identifying processes and bring them up to best practice standards. In addition, auditing and compliance issues will become more critical as AI and Machine Learning processes become an important part of business processes and will attract the attention of Internal Auditors.The AICPA has yet to issue audit standards for AI and Machine Learning processes. However, this will become an emerging issue in the auditing of Financial Statements.

AI Database Infrastructure

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How is your data performing? Are you able to obtain your data in a timely manner? Are you having problems scaling to a higher capacity? Are you outstripping Hadoop HDFS? Are your database engineers struggling to keep up with the growing infrastructure? We can analyze your environment to determine the best path forward to increase input and productivity to your Machine Learning and AI infrastructure.

AI Strategic DataOps Architecture Planning

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Create an operations process that treats your AI data as source code.This will allow you to reproduce algorithm results based on point in time data snapshots.Determine data states and aggregation shapes that feed your AI processes and ensure the validity of the data sets as well as the archiving of them in the same manner that you version and archive your source code. Make use of integrating data stores into Docker and Kuernetes to optimize data inflows into your AI and Machine Learning processes and increase the productivity of your data scientists!

Interested in Using Open Source Databases?

But don't know which product to use or how to avoid subscription fees? Let us help you choose the correct Open Source Database platform for your needs and then implement the community version to avoid subscription costs.

Services We Provide

NoSQL Architecture
Best Practice Assessment
Use Case Assessment
3rd Party Open Source Support
Data Center/Cloud Migration
Security Assessment / Remediation
Machine Learning
Strategic Planning
Mongodb Monitoring Powered by Quest Software
OnSite/Remote Support Expertise
Disaster Recovery
Mongodb Atlas Cloud Implementation
Cloudera Hadoop Implementation
Onsite and Webinar Training

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