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Raul Salas

MMS Founder

Raul was an early adoptr to the cloud and now focuses on cloud based database migrations, data lakes, and data services such as Mongodb Atlas, Databricks, and Snowflake. Raul’s extensive experience as a consultant and sales engineer allows him to interact with high level management and stakeholders as well as technical experts across the enterprise. Raul’s business and technology startup background also allows him to evaluate existing and new technology impact on business processes as well as on the organizational structure and business model. His most recent projects have engaged with Fortune 500 cloud migrations and big data projects.


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Our Customers

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist businesses by providing the following expertise:

Full spectrum Cloud migration strategies

In-depth cloud Technical expertise, project management, cloud and on-prem security integration, platform automation,  and business process integration into your existing work flow with the focus of accelerating cloud adoption for your organization.

Big data platform management

Full automation consulting implementation of tools like Terra Data and Ansible.  These are key to scaling up your cloud based data platforms.  Data platform consulting services for Snowflake, Mongodb Atlas, DocumentDB, Neo4j, and DataBricks!  Take advantage of powerful new data platforms offering 360 degree view into your customers, industry, and your own organization!

Big Data innovation portal

Use our innovation portal to view the latest solutions created by the MMS community.  View and download automation scripts based on technologies like Terraform, Snowflake, Mongodb, and AWS.  We also offer customization services to fit your organization’s workflow and self service data portals.  Receive daily updates from our Big Data blog as well and keep up with the fast changing Data Economy!