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Big Data and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence convergence and China

MMS Founder
MMS Raul Salas

CB Insights analysis of media mentions of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data shows the hype curve for Artificial Intelligence taking off while mentions of Big Data are also starting to increase steadily.

A global google insights search term analysis uncovered some interesting keyword searches that offers some insight into the convergence of big data and Machine learning as well as what country is dominating the keyword searches.

The first search term I analyzed was “Big data AI”.  A recent spike in search terminology as expected.

A deeper dive into search analysis the keyword term “Machine Learning”,  A subset of Artificial Intelligence was used.  What surprised me what that China was on the top of the list in number of searches.  I was expecting to see the United States or even Europe at a much higher ranking.

Search Term analysis of key components of Big Data NoSQL databases used in Machine Learning was performed to gain a deeper understanding.  The second chart is the search term “Apache Spark   Spark is an advanced, Big Data in-memory Apache Spark computing database engine delivering 100x the performance of Hadoop Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads.  Spark is now being used in conjunction with popular Data Science libraries such as Mlib.  Once again, China is the top ranked country for the search term.










Another surprising search term ranking where China was #1 was Mongodb”  Another Big Data NoSQL database used in Machine Learning.  I certainly was expecting Mongodb’s country search term top ranking to be the United States, especially since it was founded in New York City!

What’s interesting is that China appears to be in the lead in the Big Data and Machine Learning fields.  This is certainly not a good sign for the United States in maintaining it’s technology lead needed for economic and military dominance. Currently, China is pushing for an unmanned police station entirely powered by Artificial Intelligence.   There needs to be a renewed focus on STEM education in High Schools and Universities in the United States on the scale of the Manned Moon NASA projects of the 1960s.

Author: Raul Salas

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