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AM Squared Ltd Increases Holdings in MongoDB, Inc. by 33.3% – Best Stocks

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On September 13, 2023, it was reported that AM Squared Ltd has increased its holdings in MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) by 33.3% during the first quarter of the year. According to the company’s most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission, AM Squared Ltd now owns 1,200 shares of MongoDB’s stock after acquiring an additional 300 shares during the period. The value of these holdings was estimated to be $280,000 as of the most recent filing.

MongoDB, Inc. is a global provider of a general-purpose database platform. The company offers various solutions including MongoDB Atlas, which is a hosted multi-cloud database-as-a-service platform. This solution provides businesses with a convenient and scalable way to manage their data across multiple cloud platforms.

Another offering from MongoDB is MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, which caters to enterprise customers by providing them with a commercial database server that can be deployed in various environments such as the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid setups. This allows organizations to have greater flexibility and control over their data management systems.

Additionally, MongoDB also offers Community Server – a free-to-download version of its database software. This version includes all the essential functionality that developers need to get started with MongoDB and serves as an entry point for individuals or organizations looking to explore and adopt this technology.

The increase in holdings by AM Squared Ltd showcases their confidence in MongoDB’s market potential and its ability to deliver value to investors. As companies increasingly recognize the importance of effective data management in today’s digital landscape, the demand for robust database solutions like those offered by MongoDB continues to rise.

Investors should note that this information is based on recent disclosures made by AM Squared Ltd with the Securities and Exchange Commission as at September 13, 2023; therefore, it may not reflect any subsequent changes or developments pertaining to their investment in MongoDB, Inc.

In conclusion, AM Squared Ltd has increased its stake in MongoDB, Inc. during the first quarter of 2023. MongoDB’s offerings, including its hosted multi-cloud database-as-a-service platform and commercial database server for enterprise customers, position the company as a significant player in the database industry. This development underscores the continued growth and demand for robust data management solutions in today’s technology-driven world.

MongoDB, Inc.



Updated on: 13/09/2023

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Hedge Funds and Analysts Show Interest in MongoDB’s Stock

On September 13, 2023, it was reported that several hedge funds had recently bought and sold shares of MongoDB, Inc., a general purpose database platform provider. One hedge fund, abrdn plc, increased its stake in the company by 79.7% during the first quarter, acquiring an additional 5,331 shares. This brought abrdn plc’s total ownership to 12,019 shares worth $2,802,000.

Another hedge fund called Clarius Group LLC also raised its stake in MongoDB by 7.7% during the first quarter, purchasing an additional 97 shares. Clarius Group LLC’s total ownership now amounts to 1,362 shares valued at $318,000. Moody Lynn & Lieberson LLC entered the scene as well during this period by buying a new stake in MongoDB worth approximately $7,433,000.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Principal Financial Group Inc. were two other hedge funds that increased their stakes in MongoDB. Daiwa Securities Group Inc.’s ownership rose by 3.5% with the acquisition of an additional 186 shares worth $1,273,000 during the first quarter. Similarly, Principal Financial Group Inc.’s stake grew by 12.3%, buying an extra 924 shares valued at $1,664,000 during the fourth quarter.

Overall, hedge funds and other institutional investors now own approximately 88.89% of MongoDB’s stock.

In terms of analyst reports on MDB stock from various equities research firms, Morgan Stanley raised their price target from $440 to $480 with an “overweight” rating on September 1st. JMP Securities also raised their price target from $425 to $440 with a “market outperform” rating on the same day.

Truist Financial joined in by increasing their price target from $420 to $430 with a “buy” rating for MongoDB on September 1st. The Goldman Sachs Group also raised their price target for the stock from $420 to $440, while 22nd Century Group maintained its rating of “Moderate Buy” on June 26th.

As for the company itself, MongoDB, Inc. offers a general purpose database platform known as MongoDB Atlas, which is a hosted multi-cloud database-as-a-service solution used globally. They also offer MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, a commercial database server designed for enterprise customers to run either in the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid environments.

Additionally, they provide Community Server, a free-to-download version of their database that includes essential functionality for developers to start with MongoDB.

In recent news related to company insiders and stock transactions, Director Dwight A. Merriman sold 1,000 shares of MongoDB stock at an average price of $420 per share on July 18th. This transaction amounted to a total of $420,000 and reduced Merriman’s holding to 1,213,159 shares valued at approximately $509,526,780.

Director Hope F. Cochran also engaged in selling shares of MongoDB stock by disposing of 2,174 shares at an average price of $373.19 per share on June 15th. As a result of this sale, Cochran’s ownership decreased to 8,200 shares valued at around $3,060,158.

Overall, insiders have sold approximately 99,694 shares worth $39,991,889 over the past three months. As it stands now though, company insiders hold roughly 4.80% of MongoDB’s stock.

MongoDB’s stock opened at $374.57 on September 13th and has been trading within this range. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.29 along with a current ratio of 4.48 and quick ratio of 4.19.

With a market capitalization of $26.44 billion, MongoDB, Inc. has experienced significant growth in its valuation over the past year. The company’s stock performance has ranged from a low of $135.15 to a high of $439.00 during this period.

The stock currently has a 50-day simple moving average of $387.78 and a 200-day simple moving average of $313.60.

In conclusion, MongoDB, Inc., the provider of a general purpose database platform, has attracted attention from hedge funds and other institutional investors due to recent transactions involving its shares. Analysts have also expressed positive sentiments towards the company’s stock with buy ratings and raised price targets.

As for MongoDB itself, it continues to expand its services with offerings like MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced while providing developers with its free-to-download Community Server version.

While insiders have sold shares in recent months, they still retain a small percentage of ownership in the company.

These factors combined contribute to the continuous growth and market capitalization of MongoDB as it remains an intriguing player in the database solutions industry.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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