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Articulate – Open source platform for build conversational interfaces with intelligent agents

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Article originally posted on Data Science Central. Visit Data Science Central

Articulate is an open source project that will allow you to take control of you conversational interfaces, without being worried where and how your data is stored. Also, Articulate is built with an user-centered design where the main goal is to make experts and beginners feel comfortable when building their intelligent agents.

The main features of Articulate are:

  • Open source project
  • Based on Rasa NLU
  • Docker and docker-compose based (Easy to set up locally and in the cloud)
  • Awesome UI/UX
  • Webhook connection
  • Response formatting
  • Handlebars.js for template responses
  • Community support on Gitter and Github

Articulates makes it super easy to get up and running with Rasa NLU. You’ll be guided as you build and train your custom agent using our friendly and intuitive interface. For a quick demo of its functionality and what you can build with it check out the below video.

If you want to know more about Articulate, visit the Articulate main site and the SPG blog.

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