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Atlassian Expands the Jira Ecosystem

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Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

Atlassian has announced a series of moves to expand the Jira ecosystems, including better integration between Bitbucket and Jira, acquisition of the OpsGenie company, and the release of an incident management platform Jira Ops.

First released in April, Bitbucket Deployments is a deployment solution to help teams practicing continuous delivery with Bitbucket Pipelines to track and manage deployments across their environments.

In the first phase of the Bitbucket Pipelines and Deployments integration with Jira, users can see in the Bitbucket Deployment dashboard every related Jira issue impacted by the next deploy, the status of the issues, and who is working on each issue. This can help teams review their changes before deploying, track Jira issues that have been released in the summary view, and do a quick investigation of errors in past releases.

(image taken from the Bitbucket blog).

According to Atlassian, in the near future every Jira user will have visibility into the build and deployment status of each issue, helping Product Management, QA, Support, or even Marketing teams stay up-to-date on what changes have been deployed and are available to customers.

After connecting Jira Software and Bitbucket, developers only need to associate Jira issues with deployments by including the Jira issue key in the commit message. More information about Bitbucket and Jira Software can be found on the Bitbucket and Jira Software page.

OpsGenie is an incident alert company with over 3000 customers, including Air Canada, The Washington Post, and Overstock. OpsGenie helps to notify the right people through a combination of scheduling, escalation paths, and notifications (using email, SMS, voice calls, mobile push, etc) that takes things like time zones and holidays into account.

Atlassian has entered into an agreement to acquire OpsEngine, and now OpsGenie is an integral part of the new Jira Ops offering.

Jira Ops is an incident management platform to respond, resolve, and learn from incidents. A series of features are provided by Jira Ops, such as:

  • raise an incident
  • alert and scale the right people
  • create a chat room on Slack for every issue to diagnose and fix issues
  • keep customers informed through Atlassian Statuspage
  • learn from every incident, consulting the same timeline used by team members during the incident to analyze the root cause

Users can try Jira Ops for free as an early access product until the release of version 1.0, expected early next year. Existing Jira Cloud users should sign up for a new Jira Ops account.

Atlassian has also released their internal incident management handbook; according to Atlassian, they have spent more than 10 years refining their process of incident management and defining the right practices.

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