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Car robbery in São Paulo – Avoid places with less street lighting

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Article originally posted on Data Science Central. Visit Data Science Central

Is there a relationship between car robbery and street lighting?

The last article was related to robbery and theft cars registered in the Police Department in the year of 2017. This article wants to check if there is a correlation between car robbery and less street lighting.

The Figure 1 bellow shows concentration of car’s robbery per neighborhood. A neighborhood filled in black doesn’t have any records. Soft yellow are neighborhood with less records, going up to orange dark which means neighborhood with more records.

Further, one possible question is: can street lighting affect car’s robbery? To answers that question, it was necessary to collect the data related to street lighting and plot it into a map. The Figure 2 bellow shows the quantity of street lighting per neighborhood. Soft yellow are neighborhood with less street lighting, going up to orange dark which means neighborhood with more street lighting.

Analysing one possible correlation between those variables (robbery X street lighting) it is possible to affirm: regions with less street lighting are prone to have a more car’s robbery.

Moreover, a spatial model to predict the number of robbery X street lighting can explain almost 13% of occurrences.

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