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CloudMile wins MongoDB Emerging Markets Partner of the Year award – IT Brief Asia

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Posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

CloudMile has been acknowledged with the 2024 MongoDB Emerging Markets Partner of the Year award, recognising its contributions to data modernisation efforts in Southeast Asia. This accolade highlights the successful collaboration between CloudMile and MongoDB in fostering business growth within the region.

Jeremy Heng, Southeast Asia Lead at CloudMile, expressed gratitude for the award: “We are deeply honoured to receive the MongoDB Emerging Markets Partner of the Year award. This recognition is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication, deep MongoDB expertise, and unwavering focus on delivering transformative data and AI solutions to our clients.”

“As we continue our journey of helping organisations leverage data and AI to drive transformative change, we remain committed to our partnership with MongoDB and to delivering cutting-edge solutions that unlock new possibilities for customers,” Jeremy Heng said.

The partnership between CloudMile and MongoDB, initiated in 2023, has focused on leveraging MongoDB Atlas to enhance the data infrastructure of various enterprise clients. MongoDB Atlas stands out for its ability to unify operational, unstructured, and AI-related data, streamlining the development of AI-enriched applications.

Stewart Garrett, Regional Vice President for ASEAN and Japan at MongoDB, spoke about the productive collaboration between the two companies: “Our partnership with CloudMile hit the ground running last year, and it was clear from the start that they shared our passion for helping customers in the region find the right technology to innovate quickly.”

“Working closely with CloudMile, we’re able to be part of the solution that helps businesses in growing markets incorporate the latest generative AI solutions into their tech stack to enable the development of next-generation applications. It’s our sincere pleasure to recognise their efforts with this year’s MongoDB Emerging Markets Partner of the Year award,” Stewart Garrett stated.

A notable example of their collaborative success is CloudMile’s engagement with a gaming company in the Asia-Pacific region, which boasts over 1 million active members. This company struggled with the limitations of traditional relational databases, which impacted the user experience. By employing MongoDB Atlas, CloudMile was able to effectively manage and analyse the gaming company’s rapidly growing data, significantly improving the user experience and customer satisfaction.

CloudMile’s achievements have received multiple acknowledgements this year, including being named a Google Cloud Sales & Services Partner of the Year for Singapore and the Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year for the APAC region. These awards underscore CloudMile’s excellence in delivering innovative cloud-based solutions.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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