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Copilot in Azure SQL Database in Private Preview

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Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

Microsoft has announced a private preview of Copilot for SQL Azure, which offers a natural language for SQL conversion and self-help for database administration.

Azure SQL is Microsoft’s cloud-based database service that offers a broad range of SQL database features, scalability, and security to support applications’ data storage and management needs. The Copilot for Azure SQL Database introduces two features in the Azure portal:

  • Natural Language to SQL: This feature converts natural language queries into SQL within the Azure portal’s query editor for Azure SQL Database, simplifying database interactions. The query editor utilizes table and view names, column names, primary key, and foreign key metadata to generate T-SQL code, which the user can then review and execute the code suggestion.


        Generate Query capability in the Azure portal query editor  (Source: Microsoft Learn)

  • Azure Copilot Integration: By incorporating Azure SQL Database capabilities into Microsoft Copilot for Azure, this feature offers users self-service guidance and enables them to manage their databases and address issues independently. Users can ask and receive helpful, context-rich Azure SQL Database suggestions from Microsoft Copilot for Azure.


           Sample prompt for database performance (Source: Microsoft Learn)

Joe Sack, product management Azure SQL at Microsoft, writes:

Copilot in Azure SQL Database integrates data and formulates applicable responses using public documentation, database schema, dynamic management views, catalog views, and Azure supportability diagnostics.

In addition, regarding the Query Editor, Edward Dortland, a managing director at Twintos, commented on a LinkedIn post on Copilot for SQL Azure:

Finally, I don’t have to re-read Itzik Ben-Gan’s book whenever somebody asks me to make an update on that one stored procedure that somebody before me, made 10 years ago and is all about compounding interest calculations, on combined derivatives in a banking database. Welcome Copilot for Azure query editor, I waited so long for this moment.

Azure SQL is not the only service that has Microsoft Azure Copilot integration. This Copilot supports various services and functions across Azure, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and providing deep insights by leveraging large language models (LLMs), the Azure control plane, and insights about the user’s Azure environment. Moreover, it is not limited to Azure alone as it extends its capabilities across the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Dynamics 365, Service Management, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

Vishal Anand, a global chief technologist at IBM, concluded in a Medium blog post on Microsoft Azure Copilot:

Era has arrived where Human worker and Digital worker can collaborate in real-time to add value to cloud operations. It is currently not recommended for production workloads (obviously it is in preview phase).

The private preview of Copilot for SQL Azure is available via a sign-up page, and more information is available on the FAQ page.

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