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Couchbase (BASE) Q2 Earnings Report Preview: What To Look For By Stock Story

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Database as a service company Couchbase (NASDAQ: BASE)
will be reporting results tomorrow after the bell. Here’s what investors should know.

Last quarter, Couchbase reported revenues of $41 million, up 17.6% year on year, beating analyst revenue expectations by 3.08%. However, it was a weaker quarter for the company, with revenue and operating loss guidance for the next quarter coming in below analysts’ expectations.

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This quarter analysts are expecting Couchbase’s revenue to grow 4.83% year on year to $41.7 million, slowing down from the 34% year-over-year increase in revenue the company had recorded in the same quarter last year. Adjusted loss is expected to come in at -$0.22 per share.

Majority of analysts covering the company have reconfirmed their estimates over the last thirty days, suggesting they are expecting the business to stay the course heading into the earnings. The company has a history of exceeding Wall St’s expectations, beating revenue estimates every single time over the past two years on average by 6.04%.

Looking at Couchbase’s peers in the data storage segment, some of them have already reported Q2 earnings results, giving us a hint of what we can expect. MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB) delivered top-line growth of 39.6% year on year, beating analyst estimates by 8.42%, and Commvault Systems reported revenues up 0.09% year on year, exceeding estimates by 0.49%. MongoDB traded up 8.5% on the results, and Commvault Systems was down 2.5%.

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Investors in the data storage segment have had steady hands going into the earnings, with the stocks down on average 0.78% over the last month. Couchbase is up 7.88% during the same time, and is heading into the earnings with analysts’ average price target of $21.1, compared to share price of $17.25.

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Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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