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Couchbase introduces Capella iQ code generator for generative AI – EnterpriseTalk

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Couchbase Inc., a provider of cloud databases, is the most recent technology company to incorporate generative AI into its flagship product. For its database-as-a-service offering, Couchbase Capella, it unveiled a new feature it calls “Capella iQ”.

With AI-generated recommendations and sample code, Couchbase claims that it will make it faster and easier for developers to write SQL++ and application code. Everyone wants a piece of the rapidly rising technology known as generative AI.

It’s a unique kind of AI that was made popular by OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT and is capable of producing anything from original written words to speech and code. Complex business applications are powered by Couchbase Capella, a cloud-hosted variation of the Couchbase NoSQL database.

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