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DataStax’s new JSON API targets JavaScript developers – InfoWorld

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DataStax on Tuesday said that it was releasing a new JSON API in order to help JavaScript developers leverage its  serverlessNoSQL Astra DB as a vector database for their large language model (LLMs), AI assistant, and real-time generative AI projects.

Vector search, or vectorization, especially in the wake of generative AI proliferation, is seen as a key capability by database vendors as it can reduce the time required to train AI models by cutting down the need to structure data — a practice prevalent with current search technologies. In contrast, vector searches can read the required or necessary property attribute of a data point that is being queried.  

The addition of the new JSON API will eliminate the need for developers trained in JavaScript to have a deep understanding of Cassandra Query Language (CQL) in order to work with Astra DB as the database is based on Apache Cassandra, the company said.

This means that these developers can continue to write code in the language that they are familiar with, thereby reducing the time required to develop AI-based applications which are in demand presently, it added.

Further, the new API, which can be accessed via DataStax’s open source API gateway, dubbed Stargate, will also provide compatibility with Mongoose — one of the most popular open source object data modeling library for MongoDB.

In October last year, DataStax launched the second version of its open-source data API gateway, dubbed Stargate V2, just months after making its managed Astra Streaming service generally available.

In June this year, the company partnered with Google to bring vector search to Astra DB.

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