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Free eBooks on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence with Python

By Prateek joshi

Build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications with Python to intelligently interact with the world around you

What you will learn:

  • Realize different classification and regression techniques
  • Understand the concept of clustering and how to use it to automatically segment data
  • See how to build an intelligent recommender system
  • Understand logic programming and how to use it
  • Build automatic speech recognition systems
  • Understand the basics of heuristic search and genetic programming
  • Develop games using Artificial Intelligence
  • Learn how reinforcement learning works
  • Discover how to build intelligent applications centered on images, text, and time series data
  • See how to use deep learning algorithms and build applications based on it

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Python Machine Learning

By Sebastian Raschka

Learn how to build powerful Python machine learning algorithms to generate useful data insights with this data analysis tutorial

What you will learn:

  • Find out how different machine learning can be used to ask different data analysis questions
  • Learn how to build neural networks using Python libraries and tools such as Keras and Theano
  • Write clean and elegant Python code to optimize the strength of your machine learning algorithms
  • Discover how to embed your machine learning model in a web application for increased accessibility
  • Predict continuous target outcomes using regression analysis
  • Uncover hidden patterns and structures in data with clustering
  • Organize data using effective pre-processing techniques
  • Learn sentiment analysis to delve deeper into textual and social media data

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Practical Machine Learning Cookbook

By Atul Tripathi

Building Machine Learning applications with R

What you will learn:

  • Get equipped with a deeper understanding of how to apply machine-learning techniques
  • Implement each of the advanced machine-learning techniques
  • Solve real-life problems that are encountered in order to make your applications produce improved results
  • Gain hands-on experience in problem solving for your machine-learning systems
  • Understand the methods of collecting data, preparing data for usage, training the model, evaluating the model’s performance, and improving the model’s performance

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Practical Game AI Programming

By Micael DaGraca

Jump into the world of Game AI development

What you will learn:

  • Get to know the basics of how to create different AI for different type of games
  • Know what to do when something interferes with the AI choices and how the AI should behave if that happens
  • Plan the interaction between the AI character and the environment using Smart Zones or Triggering Events
  • Use animations correctly, blending one animation into another and rather than stopping one animation and starting another
  • Calculate the best options for the AI to move using Pruning Strategies, Wall Distances, Map Preprocess Implementation, and Forced Neighbours
  • Create Theta algorithms to the AI to find short and realistic looking paths
  • Add many characters into the same scene and make them behave like a realistic crowd

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