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How Can Project Managers Use Data Science?

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Article originally posted on Data Science Central. Visit Data Science Central

Big data, Data Science, and smart insights! These are terms we commonly hear and read when discussing business decisions, industry competition, and customer needs. As the years pass by, our world is becoming a highly connected global village, which has only boosted the business industry. The more connected we become, the more data there is. Therefore, we only have more opportunities to convert it and provide better solutions to the world.

While the steadily growing field of Data Science is to be appreciated for the way we are smartly using a massive inflow of data, many people falsely assume that this is all there is. In reality, we need to spread awareness about the social importance of Data Science.

The field of Data Science is excessively collaborative. It can be integrated with many other business fields and other areas that may not directly relate to the business world. Anything that requires problem-solving and uses a set of data can benefit from the knowledge of Data Science. While there are many fields that deal with day to day problem solving, one that prominently comes to mind is the profession of project managers.

Why Will Data Science Become Necessary for Project Management?

In the future, business performance will not be the only measure of driving operations. Instead, Data Science is going to take center stage. We are already experiencing how businesses are taking Data Analysis to the next level so the time is not far when it will become a holistic approach. Businesses will begin using Data Science in various operations, which will obviously include Project Management.

Data Science also makes natural sense for the field of Project Management. A lot of factors are involved in the success of a particular project. Analyzing data is a strategic approach to determine goals, achieve them, and overcome any gaps.

Project Management, just like Data Science, is not cut and dry. For varying business industries, the needs of a Project Management department can differ. Nature of certain projects can be quite complex as compared to some with simpler goals. Therefore, the opportunities and the ways Data Science can be used for project outcomes are plenty.

How Can Data Science Be Used for Project Success?

In the business industry, it may seem like if you have gained the competitive advantage, you succeeded. However, the reality is more complex than that. What we see as end results are achieved after rigorous efforts. And most of these efforts could have been years in the making; not to mention the cost that is incurred.

In today’s era, business success also depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the invested hard work. Time and cost would mean nothing if a business is not making a significant difference in the industry or maintaining the competitive edge. It is a constant race, where you have to care about impact at the same time as profit. So wouldn’t businesses like to save that money and time; invest in more lucrative projects at more appropriate times? And where will that knowledge come from?

This is where Data Science for Project Management comes in. it is not the predictor of the future. That remains as unknown as before but we can make smarter decisions using Data Science. We can determine certain patterns and avoid previous mistakes. It allows to not finish risk but reduce it.

If more and more projects could be streamlined with smart insights from interpreting data, businesses can truly enhance their productivity and performance. Also, they can manage this within lesser time and cost; two commodities as important the business world as data itself.

But Data Science is not just merely about the efficacy of projects.

Streamlining the Projects

With the right Data Science, businesses can decide what kind of projects their customers want them to begin. It allows them opportunities to develop in areas that show signs of success and cut off from those that are becoming redundant.

If certain projects are cyclic, the Data Science can help to evaluate the extent of success. It allows experts to determine the weak points and fill the gaps on the next cycle. Hence, promoting improvement each time around.

Until now, we have discussed how Data Science helps externally. It can also be extended to be used for internal matters. The success of projects not only depends on using the right technologies or establishing what customers demand. If it is about making the right decisions, then the decision makers should be selected carefully as well. The organization’s internally generated data about its employees can be used to determine whose skills and exercise will complement what projects. Using the right resources for the right projects is a combination for success.

Lastly, we already discussed that Data Science is steadily becoming a field of social science, a basic understanding of Data Science can reduce the gap between project managers and the technical people under them. While it is required to depend and rely on tech resources of a business – success requires cross-functional networking – it does not harm to have a good understanding of technologies, machines, and analytics on your own. Project managers are often required to make tough decisions under tough situations and such knowledge can equip them to stay rational.

What Do We Learn?

In conclusion, we say that Project Management and Data Science should be used in combination. Given our current business world environment and how both fields are growing steadily, this combination can be a powerful strategy for success.

The success of a business relies on the success of varying projects. If the project managers are allowed a collaborative knowledge of Data Science, it can help businesses not only achieve competitive advantage but maintain for longer time periods. This is not only true for industry giants but the small businesses as well. They are often more vulnerable to the risk of market and less equipped to deal with loss of money.

We can truly change the dynamic with this powerful integration of skills.




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