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InfoQ Dev Summit Munich: Learn from German Automotive, Banking, and TelCo Software Practitioners

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InfoQ Dev Summit Munich is a two-day in-person software development conference for senior software engineers, architects, and team leaders in the Bavarian capital on September 26th and 27th. The sessions will cover critical topics such as generative AI and platform engineering, with use cases from the German automotive, banking, and telecommunication industries.

For practitioners by practitioners, the conference is designed for senior software engineers, software architects, and team leaders in Europe. What can an attendee expect in Munich? Thanks to 22 technical talks from senior software practitioners, the conference provides actionable insights and practical advice on today’s developer priorities with sessions ranging from machine learning to security, from site reliability engineering to scaling Java applications.

Generative AI and bringing machine learning models to production will be major themes of the two days. Olalekan Elesin, engineering director at HRS Group and AWS Machine Learning Hero, will show how to elevate the developer experience with generative AI capabilities on the cloud, while Andrey Cheptsov, founder of dstack, will explain how to leverage open-source LLMs for production. Ines Montani, CEO at Explosion and core developer of spaCy, will demonstrate instead how to take LLMs out of the black box:

I’ll show some practical solutions for using the latest state-of-the-art models in real-world applications and distilling their knowledge into smaller and faster components that you can run and maintain in-house.

Performance for system and software architects will be another central topic, with the speed and efficiency of WebAssembly showcased by Danielle Lancashire, principal software engineer at Fermyon. Gunnar Morling, the developer behind the One Billion Row Challenge, will discuss the tricks employed by the fastest solutions:

Parallelization and efficient memory access, optimized parsing routines using SIMD and SWAR, as well as custom map implementations are just some of the topics which we are going to discuss.

The 1BRC went viral within the Java community earlier this year, with results showing that Java can process a file with one billion rows in two seconds. Thanks to sessions by Johannes Bechberger, a JVM developer at SAP, and Markus Kett, CEO at MicroStream, Java developers will also learn how to build a fast firewall with eBPF and create ultra-fast in-memory database applications.

While the conference in Munich shares the same format as the InfoQ Dev Summit Boston, it will spotlight themes of local significance, with speakers presenting use cases from German automotive, banking, and telecommunication industries.

With attendees and speakers from around the world, all presentations and conference activities at the first InfoQ conference in the DACH region will be held in English.

The topics of the two keynote sessions will be announced soon. Join us and your fellow senior software practitioners in Munich this September!

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