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Internet Minute 2017

MMS Founder
MMS Raul Salas

Ever wonder what happens in an Internet minute?  Now that we are in 2018, I thought it would be good timing to discuss the state of internet activity in 2017. All these internet interactions generate a massive amount of data and is contributing to the growing demand for Big Data professionals.

What’s interesting to note is Google’s lack of dominance in Internet Activity.  Once a stalwart, Google is now being matched by activity from Facebook, Snapchat, and twitter combined!

Notice the new entry for 2017 is the Alexa interactions.  There are currently 50 Alexa’s shipped per minute, expect this number to skyrocket considering record Amazon Alexa sales this Christmas!  Interactions with AWS Voice endpoints will skyrocket as well with the introduction of the Alexa Marketplace.  In addition, this past November Amazon launched Alexa for Business product line as well (  This will propel Amazon interactions and data growth as well.

What does all this mean for Big Data?  It means growth of data will continue to be strong and outstrip organization’s ability to make effective use of the data.  At the same time, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will also be consuming data at very high rates.  2018 may be the year that organizations start to put emphasis on the quality of data as well as the triage/prioritization of data in their data warehouses.

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