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Java News Roundup: Ideal Graph Visualizer Open-Sourced, TomEE MicroProfile 5.0 Certification

MMS Founder
MMS Michael Redlich

Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

This week’s Java roundup for January 2nd, 2023, features news from JDK 20, JDK 21, Ideal Graph Visualizer open-sourced, Spring Tools 4.17.1, Open Liberty, Quarkus 2.15.2, Quarkus OpenAPI Generator 2.0, Apache Tomcat CVE, Apache TomEE certification, Apache James 3.7.3, Apache Camel 3.20.1, MyFaces Core 4.0-RC3, Ktor 2.2.2, JHipster Lite 0.25, JobRunr 5.3.3, SourceBuddy 2.1, CircleCI CVE.

By Michael Redlich

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