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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 8.0 Delivers Support for Jakarta EE 10

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Red Hat released version 8.0 of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), an open-source Jakarta EE-compliant platform. The latest release brings several improvements that include support for Jakarta EE 10, changes to the management console and CLI, and removal of legacy security subsystems.

JBoss EAP 8.0 provides implementations of the Jakarta EE 10 APIs and Jakarta EE 10 Web Profile, Core Profile, and the Full Platform standards. See the complete list of specifications in the release notes. The previous version, JBoss EAP 7.4, supported Jakarta EE 8. However, Jakarta EE 10 has undergone several changes, the most significant being the modification of the package namespace for Jakarta EE APIs from javax to jakarta. To facilitate the migration to JBoss EAP 8.0, Red Hat has updated the Migration Tool Kit for Application (MTA) to accommodate these namespace changes, among others. The Galleon Provisioning Layer, ee-core-profile-server, provisions a server with the Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile.

JBoss EAP 8.0 introduced the JBoss EAP Maven plug-in to provision a trimmed server using Galleon and to install the application on the server. Under the hood, the plug-in uses wildfly-ee-galleon-pack and eap-cloud-galleon-pack to customize the server configuration file. The plug-in also supports the execution of CLI script files for further server customization and the installation of extra files, such as keystore files, on the server. The Maven pom.xml file is responsible for maintaining all the necessary configuration settings for the build process.

The legacy security subsystems, PicketBox and PicketLink, were removed in this edition of JBoss EAP. To use custom login modules with the elytron subsystem, use the security realm jaas-realm, Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS). Red Hat recommends using the Elytron subsystem’s existing security realms, such as jdbc-realm, ldap-realm, and key-store-realm, over jaas-realm. Refer to the release notes for use cases of jaas-realm. By configuring the aggregate-realm, distributed-realm, or failover-realm, it is possible to combine different security realms. Another noteworthy enhancement is the introduction of elytron-oidc-client that provides native support to OpenID Connect (OIDC). Read more about securing applications deployed on JBoss EAP with OIDC.

Other significant enhancements are the introduction of jboss-eap-installation-manager to update and install JBoss EAP 8.0 and its integration with the Management CLI under the installer command to perform several server management operations in standalone or managed domain mode. Furthermore, JBoss EAP 8.0 requires JDK 11 or JDK 17, as support for JDK 8 was removed. See the complete list of unsupported, deprecated, and removed features.

Check out the product documentation to learn more about the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 8.0.

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