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JetBrains Launches IDE Services to Simplify Managing Development Tools

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Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

JetBrains IDE Services aims to help enterprises manage their JetBrains tool ecosystem more efficiently and boost developer productivity at the enterprise scale through the integration of AI, remote collaboration, and more.

JetBrains IDE Services is a centralized suite of tools, including IDE Provisioner, AI Enterprise, License Vault, Code With Me Enterprise, and CodeCanvas. JetBrains says it is now making it generally available after testing it in beta with several large JetBrains customers and addressing their feedback.

IDE Provisioner makes it easier to centralize IDE management across versions, configurations, and plugins and helps avoid unapproved or outdated versions being used within the organization. IDE Provisioner also supports a private plugin repository where you can configure which plugins are publicly available and which are only visible to authenticated users.

AI Enterprise gives enterprises control over security, spending, and efficiency for AI-driven features such as code generation and task automation, and allows them to choose the best-in-class LLM provider.

License Vault aims to automate the distribution of licenses for JetBrains IDEs across the entire organization. It supports three licensing models: pre-paid, fully postpaid, and mixed IDE licensing. Additionally, it offers the option of using floating licenses, which are released to the pool of available licenses after 20 minutes of no use.

Code With Me Enterprise offers real-time collaboration solutions for developers with a focus on security for remote workers. It supports pair programming in either full-sync or follow mode; includes a teacher-student scenario; and allows up to five coders to edit the same file simultaneously.

Finally, CodeCanvas is a self-hosted remote development environment orchestrator aiming to simplify the setup and management of dev environments.

IDE Services consists of three components: the IDE Services Server, the Toolbox App, and a plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs.

The IDE Services Server is available as a Docker image and provides the core functionality that can be run using Docker Compose or Kubernetes. The Toolbox App, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, is installed on developer machines and is used to download, update, and configure IntelliJ-based IDEs. The plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs has three main capabilities: receiving the IDE builds recommended by the organization, including settings and plugins; getting access to pre-approved plugins; and setting up secure collaboration sessions for Code With Me Enterprise.

As a final note, JetBrains IDE Services also provides a REST API which enables running all essential operations on the IDE Services Server, JetBrains says.

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