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Leaseweb challenges cloud hyperscalers on price – IT Europa

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Cloud services provider Leaseweb has announced the availability of its public cloud service. It offers a blend of “cost-effective flexibility” and global availability, said the Holland-headquartered firm.

It is designed to be “around 30% cheaper” than traditional hyperscalers, said the provider, while maintaining performance and reliability.

Leaseweb Public Cloud operates a “transparent” pricing model that “eliminates hidden costs”. This allows businesses to avoid upfront investment in software licenses or data centre infrastructure, while benefiting from an on-demand subscription model that supports hourly and monthly billing without long-term commitments.

“It is compatible with existing hyperscale platforms, making it suitable for organisations deploying new workloads and migrating existing ones,” said the firm.

The solution is available globally across seven regions to minimise latency. It is suitable for a wide range of industries and use cases, from fintech and SaaS to martech and gaming.

“Leaseweb Public Cloud has been designed in close consultation with customers who value the hyperscale concept but want an alternative with better price, performance and flexibility,” said Con Zwinkels, CEO at Leaseweb. “Our track record, leadership and customer-first approach position us to make a significant, positive impact on the public cloud market.”

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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