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LLM Strategies, Platform Engineering, Observability and More: InfoQ Dev Summit Boston 2024

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Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

The software development landscape evolves rapidly, and staying ahead requires continuous learning to inform strategic decision-making, implement new technologies appropriately, and enable your teams to collaborate effectively. Join us at InfoQ Dev Summit Boston, running June 24-25, to network with your peers and experience a curated agenda with topics such as Generative AI, security, and modern web applications. You’ll learn from those who have successfully implemented these technologies and navigated related challenges to help you be successful with your projects.

The conference will feature 20+ technical talks by senior software practitioners over two days, with parallel breakout sessions emphasizing the essential topics development teams should prioritize now. Talk highlights include:

How to Take a Large Language Model from a Data Scientist and Put It in Production

Francesca Lazzeri, principal data scientist manager @Microsoft, author of “Machine Learning for Time Series Forecasting with Python”, will share practical advice on successful LLM deployment in various domains and settings, lessons learned, and best practices such as:

  1. Choosing the right model for the task based on the model’s size, complexity, and domain.
  2. Optimizing the model using prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and context retrieval techniques to improve accuracy and relevance.
  3. Deploying the model using scalable and secure infrastructure, such as cloud platforms or vector databases, to handle variable workloads and latency.
  4. Monitoring the model performance and user feedback, using metrics and tools such as MLOps and Responsible AI Framework, to identify and address any issues or risks.
  5. Iterating the model based on the changing needs and expectations of the users and the domain, using continuous integration and deployment strategies.

OpenTelemetry, Opening the Door to Observability for All

How do I start with OpenTelemetry? How can I automatically instrument my application? How do I use the OpenTelemetry Collector? Ken Finnigan, OpenTelemetry architect @Lumigo, author of “Reactive Systems in Java,” will answer these and many more questions. While detailing the ins and outs of application instrumentation and collection with OpenTelemetry, Finnigan explores critical challenges to the success of Observability at an enterprise.

Best Practices for Building Secure Web Applications

In this presentation, Loiane Groner, development manager @Citibank, will delve into the essential neglected aspects of securing your applications. Groner will cover best practices for secure coding, meticulous input validation techniques, the importance of strategic error handling and logging, how to manage file uploads safely, and much more.

Blueprints of Innovation: Engineering Paved Paths for a User-friendly Developer Platform at The New York Times

In this talk, David Grizzanti, principal engineer @nytimes, will provide valuable insights into the nuances of platform engineering in the cloud, offering attendees a blueprint for implementing similar strategies in their organizations. Discover challenges faced while building a multi-tenant platform in the cloud, including specifics on how the New York Times designed:

  • A simple onboarding experience, complete with starter software templates
  • A secure and isolated environment on top of our centralized Kubernetes clusters
  • A simple onboarding experience for multiple cloud accounts for each tenant
  • A centralized approach to CI/CD, including standard build and test pipelines

Build better-connected teams in Boston

Attending InfoQ Dev Summit Boston as a team empowers collaborative learning, leading to informed project decisions and clarity for your dev roadmap. Teams as small as three attendees working for the same company are eligible for a group discount. For more details, email and mention the size of the group. Early bird savings and team discounts are available until April 16.

Team discounts for InfoQ Dev Summit Boston:

  • 3-6 attendees – save up to $35 off each conference ticket
  • 7-10 attendees – save up to $55 off each conference ticket
  • 11-15 attendees – save up to $65 off each conference ticket
  • 16+ attendees – save up to $75 off each conference ticket

Why attend InfoQ Dev Summit Boston as a team?

  • Practitioner-curated talks handpicked by senior developers to focus on the critical technical challenges your team faces.
  • Learn actionable insights from over 20+ senior developers who’ll share their learnings to help your team navigate today’s critical dev priorities.
  • Zero hidden marketing. We’re committed to providing genuine learning experiences. That means no hidden marketing or sales pitches, just real-world, relatable talks from senior software developers so your team can focus their time on learning.
  • “We Care” experience. InfoQ Dev Summit is an inclusive and safe environment with a strict Code of Conduct where everyone’s contributions are valued.
  • Social events create dedicated time for your team to connect with speakers and peers during breaks and evening social activities.

Right now, tickets for InfoQ Dev Summit Boston are at the lowest price. Book your place before April 16 and save with the early bird tickets.

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