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Modern Data Architecture, ML, and Resilience Topics Announced for QCon San Francisco 2024

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Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

QCon San Francisco returns November 18-22, focusing on innovations and emerging trends you should pay attention to in 2024. With technical talks from international software practitioners, QCon will provide actionable insights and skills you can take back to your teams.

The QCon San Francisco 2024 Program Committee has met and finalized the 2024 tracks (conference topics). The 12 tracks include:

  • Generative AI in Production & Advancements: This track dives into the latest advancements, exploring how to translate groundbreaking research into real-world applications across various industries.
  • Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About: This track will explore real-world examples of innovative companies pushing the limits with modern software systems.
  • Modern Data Architectures: This track showcases how innovators are finding new ways to store, analyze, and scale data components.
  • Hardware Architectures You Need To Know: This track explores how hardware has moved significantly in different directions to serve the needs of our ever-complex service with Machine Learning, Networking, Graphics Processing, and more.
  • Programming Languages and Paradigms for the Next Decade: This track offers a deep dive into innovative programming languages, language features, cutting-edge programming models, and paradigm shifts that aid in making code more efficient, safe, and maintainable.
  • Sociotechnical Resilience: Explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping traditional leadership models and the skills required for engineering leaders to effectively guide teams in the age of AI.
  • Getting Started in Machine Learning: This track gets to grips with the theoretical and practical considerations in ML and understands the tools and platforms that make up the discipline.
  • Explore all tracks.

Learn modern practices to evolve your skills with QCon training days

As in previous years, QCon San Francisco offers two additional days of training days for senior developers/leaders following the main conference. This year, QCon features 12 training sessions on November 21-22, covering topics such as:

  • A Practitioner’s View on Implementing Team Topologies
  • Soft Skills for Tomorrow’s Technical Leaders
  • AI/ML Mastery: From Theory to Implementation
  • AI Engineering: Building Generative AI Apps
  • Mastering Serverless
  • Microservices Bootcamp
  • Architecting Scalable APIs
  • Applied Domain-Driven Design
  • Mastering Cloud, K8s, and DevOps
  • Building Modern Data Analytics
  • Securing Modern Software
  • Building Scalable Java Applications

Don’t miss out on practical, hands-on learning with software domain experts at QCon San Francisco. Add Training Days to your conference pass, or get a training-only pass. If you change your mind, QCon’s Training Refund Guarantee Policy offers a no-questions-asked refund up to September 23, 2024.

Why Attend QCon San Francisco?

  • Walk away with actionable insights: Learn how your peers are solving similar complex challenges right now.
  • Level-up with senior software leaders: Learn what’s next from world-class leaders pushing the boundaries.
  • No hype. No hidden marketing. No sales pitches: At QCon, there are no product pitches or hidden marketing. Your time is focused on learning, exploring, and researching, not being sold to.
  • Save valuable time without wasting resources: Get the assurance you are adopting the right technologies and skills.

Join QCon San Francisco this Nov 18-22, and take advantage of the last early bird tickets. Don’t miss the chance to learn from software leaders at early adopter companies.

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