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MongoDB 7 Adds Queryable Encryption – I Programmer

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MongoDB 7 has been released with full support for encrypted queries and easier management of Atlas Search indexes.

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database that stores its documents in a JSON-like format with schema. MongoDB Atlas is the fully-managed cloud database from the MongoDB team.


This release adds full support for queryable encryption, which was first added in MongoDB 6 as a preview feature. Queryable Encryption adds an encrypted search scheme that can be used to search encrypted data without impacting query speed or app performance. The data remains encrypted all times on the database, including in memory and in the CPU; keys never leave the application and cannot be accessed by the database server.

The next change makes it easier to manage Atlas Search indexes. You can now manage Atlas Search indexes with mongosh methods and database commands. Atlas Search index commands are only available for deployments hosted on MongoDB Atlas, and require an Atlas cluster tier of at least M10.

Performance has also been improved, especially when working with time series data. The work on this release has improved storage optimization and compression, as well as improved query performance. In addition, change streams will now support handling changes in large documents, even with pre-images and post-images, without causing unexpected errors.

The MongoDB team says developers should have greater flexibility partially through improvements to aggregation including compound wildcard indexes, approximate percentiles, and bitwise operators. There’s also new support for using user role variables within aggregation pipelines. This can be used to set up single view to display different data based on the logged-in users’ permissions.

Finally, you now get fine-grained updates and deletes in time-series collections, and new metrics to help select a shard key to help reduce developer effort, have also been added to the development process.

MongoDB 7.0 is available now.


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