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MongoDB aims to jumpstart AI app development with MAAP – InfoWorld

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MongoDB has introduced the MongoDB AI Applications Program, or MAAP, to help enterprises jumpstart their development of generative AI applications.

MAAP, according to the company, will offer enterprises strategic advice, professional services, and an integrated end-to-end technology stack from MongoDB and its partners.

These partners include consultancies, foundation model (FM) providers, cloud infrastructure providers, and generative AI framework and model hosting providers including Anthropic, Anyscale, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cohere,,, Google Cloud, gravity9, LangChain, LlamaIndex, Microsoft Azure, Nomic, PeerIslands, Pureinsights, and Together AI.

Typically, an enterprise signing up for the program will see initial engagement from MongoDB Professional Services, which will evaluate the enterprise’s current technology stack and identify business problems to solve.

Once the evaluation is complete, MongoDB Professional Services and partners together will develop strategic roadmaps to prototype the required architecture, validate the initial results against the enterprise’s expectations, and then optimize fully built applications that the enterprise can evolve for use in production, MongoDB said.

Any enterprise that is a part of the program can continue receiving support from MongoDB Professional Services to develop new generative AI features depending on their needs, the company added.

Several enterprises, including ACI Worldwide, Arc XP, and Scalestack, are already part of MAAP, MongoDB said.

MAAP is MongoDB’s way of being more than just a database vendor and an attempt to attract new customers, analysts said.

“Like others in the space, MongoDB is moving beyond serving as a database vendor to supply a broad developer ecosystem that enables rapid innovation. MAAP is a natural extension of this evolution as businesses are navigating how to incorporate the use of generative AI,” said Erik Brown, senior partner of AI and product engineering at digital services firm West Monroe.

Market research firm IDC’s research vice president Arnal Dayaratna believes that MongoDB’s primary, unstated goal behind MAAP is to accelerate the adoption of MongoDB databases, and in particular their vector database technologies.

“MongoDB is launching a generative AI stack that allows customers to choose from a variety of models. But they will likely be steered to or required to use MongoDB database technologies,” Dayaratna said.

The MongoDB AI Applications Program, according to dbInsights’ principal analyst Tony Baer, could also be seen as a reaction to the huge demand from MongoDB’s existing customer enterprises who want to implement generative AI.

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Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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