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MongoDB Executives Engage in Stock Transactions – TradingView

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Posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

Reporter Name Relationship Type Amount SEC Filing
Merriman Dwight A Director Sell $1,061,160 Form 4
Ittycheria Dev President & CEO Sell $802,502 Form 4
Gordon Michael Lawrence COO and CFO Sell $416,240 Form 4
Bull Thomas Chief Accounting Officer Sell $36,610 Form 4
Pech Cedric Chief Revenue Officer Sell $72,424 Form 4

Several executives at MongoDB, including directors and officers, have recently engaged in stock transactions, as reported in SEC Form 4 filings.

Dwight A. Merriman, a Director at MongoDB, sold 4,000 shares of Class A Common Stock on July 2, 2024, at a price of $265.29 per share, totaling $1,061,160. Following the sale, Merriman’s direct ownership stands at 1,142,006 shares, with an additional 617,896 shares held indirectly through trusts and a charitable foundation.

MongoDB’s President & CEO, Ittycheria Dev, sold 3,025 shares at the same price to cover tax obligations related to restricted stock units, totaling $802,502. Post-transaction, Ittycheria directly owns 223,048 shares.

Gordon Michael Lawrence, the COO and CFO, sold 1,569 shares at $265.29 each, amounting to $416,240, to satisfy tax obligations from restricted stock units. Lawrence’s direct ownership is now 81,942 shares, with an additional 4,000 shares owned indirectly through family members.

The company’s Chief Accounting Officer, Bull Thomas, sold 138 shares at $265.29 each, totaling $36,610, for tax obligations, leaving him with 17,222 direct shares.

Lastly, MongoDB’s Chief Revenue Officer, Pech Cedric, sold 273 shares at the same price, totaling $72,424, also to cover tax obligations from restricted stock units, resulting in a direct ownership of 35,719 shares.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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