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MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) has received a “Moderate Buy” consensus rating from twenty-five research firms, according to Among these analysts, one has given the stock a sell rating, three have assigned a hold rating, and twenty-one have issued a buy rating for the company. Over the past year, the average 12-month price objective for MDB among analysts who have covered the stock is $418.08.

As of its opening on September 8, 2023, shares of MDB were valued at $377.54. The company currently boasts a market capitalization of $26.65 billion and has a negative price-to-earnings ratio of -109.12. With a beta of 1.11, MDB’s stock is considered to be slightly more volatile than the overall market. In terms of financial health, the firm maintains a current ratio of 4.48 and a quick ratio of 4.19. Additionally, MongoDB’s debt-to-equity ratio stands at 1.29—a figure that suggests some degree of leverage.

In tracking its performance over time, MongoDB’s stock has shown stability with steady growth potential. The company’s fifty-day simple moving average stands at $389.53 while its two-hundred-day simple moving average is $308.62—both figures indicating consistent upward momentum in shareholder value. Despite this positive trend in recent months, it should be noted that MDB has experienced fluctuations within its 52-week range—from a low of $135.15 to a high of $439.

MongoDB specializes in providing general-purpose database platforms worldwide through their offerings such as MongoDB Atlas—a hosted multi-cloud database-as-a-service solution that caters to various user requirements across cloud environments; MongoDB Enterprise Advanced—a commercial-grade database server designed specifically for enterprise clients to operate in the cloud or on-premise or both; and Community Server—an accessible version freely available for download, boasting features that assist developers in getting started with MongoDB.

In conclusion, MongoDB, Inc. has garnered favorable ratings from multiple research firms, indicating a promising outlook for the company. With its user-friendly and functional database solutions, MDB continues to position itself as a leader in the industry. As always, potential investors should thoroughly assess their investment options and consider factors such as market conditions before making any decisions regarding this or any other stock.

MongoDB, Inc.



Updated on: 10/09/2023

Price Target

Current $377.29

Concensus $388.06

Low $180.00

Median $406.50

High $630.00

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Mixed Reviews and Insider Transactions Surround MongoDB Stock

MongoDB, Inc., a global provider of general purpose database platforms, has recently garnered attention from equities research analysts. Several analysts have commented on the company’s performance, resulting in varied price objectives and ratings for MongoDB’s stock.

Argus, an equity research firm, raised their price objective on MongoDB from $435.00 to $484.00 and assigned a “buy” rating to the stock. This endorsement indicates Argus’ belief in the company’s potential for growth and success.

On the other hand, Guggenheim increased their price objective for MongoDB from $220.00 to $250.00 but gave the stock a “sell” rating. This contrasting view suggests that Guggenheim has reservations about MongoDB’s future prospects and recommends investors to sell their shares.

Sanford C. Bernstein also raised their price objective on MongoDB from $424.00 to $471.00, implying a positive outlook on the company’s value.

Similarly, The Goldman Sachs Group upped its price objective on MongoDB from $420.00 to $440.00 in June, indicating optimism in the stock’s performance.

Furthermore, reiterated its “maintains” rating on shares of MongoDB in June as well.

In terms of recent insider transactions, CRO Cedric Pech sold 360 shares of MongoDB’s stock on July 3rd at an average price of $406.79 per share. This transaction resulted in a total transaction value of $146,444.40.

Director Hope F. Cochran also sold 2,174 shares of the company’s stock in mid-June for an average price of $373.19 per share, totaling $811,315.06.

Overall, insiders have sold a total of 83,551 shares of MongoDB valued at approximately $33,875,952 over the past three months alone.

Several institutional investors have actively participated in buying and selling shares of MongoDB as well. ST Germain D J Co. Inc. recently purchased a new position in the company during the second quarter, valued at around $45,000.

Additionally, Alamar Capital Management LLC increased its stake in MongoDB by 2.4% during the same period, now owning 9,056 shares worth $3,722,000.

Furthermore, Osaic Holdings Inc. raised its stake in the company by 47.9% during the second quarter, now owning 14,324 shares valued at $5,876,000.

Teachers Retirement System of The State of Kentucky also significantly increased its stake in MongoDB by 365.9%, reaching a total ownership of 7,142 shares with a value of $2,935,000.

Lastly, Coppell Advisory Solutions LLC acquired a new stake in MongoDB during the second quarter with an approximate value of $43,000.

In conclusion, MongoDB has received mixed reviews from equities research analysts regarding its stock performance and value. While some have expressed optimism about its potential growth and assigned “buy” ratings to the stock and raised price objectives accordingly, others remain skeptical and have given it a “sell” recommendation. Furthermore, notable insider transactions involving top executives selling their shares have been disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Institutional investors have also shown interest in buying and selling MongoDB’s stock recently. These developments indicate heightened activity among market participants with regards to MongoDB’s future prospects and potential investment opportunities.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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