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MongoDB, Inc. Launches Certification Program for Cloud Partners Offering … – MarketScreener

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MongoDB, Inc. announced a new Certified by MongoDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) program that provides cloud infrastructure partners the ability to offer their customers a first-class, fully supported MongoDB DBaaS. Given the worldwide popularity of MongoDB, there are many customers who require a certified MongoDB DBaaS solution for their use cases on specific clouds where MongoDB Atlas is not available. Cloud partners in the program will be able to deploy MongoDB’s industry-leading database and data services?including full-text search and vector search?as a managed service through their own cloud platforms to give their customers a highly reliable and scalable platform for securely building and deploying cloud-native applications.

The Certified by MongoDB DBaaS program also provides cloud partners the dedicated support they need to build deep technology integrations, while opening up joint go-to-market initiatives with the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem to help accelerate their customers’ success. Millions of developers and tens of thousands of customers around the world rely on MongoDB Atlas running on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to securely power their business-critical applications. However, many customers have deployment requirements that require the use of other cloud providers but want confidence that when choosing third-party-managed MongoDB services, they will also get the performance, security, and reliability that MongoDB is known for.

The Certified by MongoDB DBaaS program is designed to address this need by enabling cloud partners to offer supported MongoDB technology through a cloud service, while also giving them opportunities to: Access new product features available in MongoDB Atlas: Available later this year, Certified by MongoDB DBaaS cloud partners will be able to offer vector search and full-text search capabilities in their managed services. This allows cloud partners in the Certified by MongoDB DBaaS program to provide their customers the technology to build modern applications without incurring the added complexity and overhead of bolting on other solutions?and to provide developers a more similar experience to using MongoDB Atlas. Collaborate on deep technology integrations with MongoDB and its partner ecosystem: MongoDB’s ecosystem of more than 1,000 partners delivers proven expertise and technology integrations that solve difficult business problems (e.g., data security and governance, application observability, data warehousing and analytics).

By leveraging opportunities to integrate complementary technologies, MongoDB partners enjoy opportunities to reach new customers, expand market presence, and tap into new avenues of revenue generation with joint go-to-market initiatives. Benefit from industry-specific expertise across the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem to help customers build, deploy, and scale modern applications: By joining the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem, organizations can collaborate and leverage their deep industry knowledge to help solve customer problems. MongoDB partners use their expertise to understand customer business needs and to deliver tailored, industry-specific solutions?from financial services, to healthcare, to manufacturing and beyond. Organizations in the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem can work with one another to offer the highly tailored services and knowledge customers require to accelerate time to market with secure, scalable, and high-performing applications.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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