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MongoDB, Inc. Launches New Program for Enterprises to Build Modern Applications with …

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MongoDB, Inc. announced the MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP) that is designed to help organizations rapidly build and deploy modern applications enriched with generative AI technology at enterprise scale. Organizations of every size across industries want to immediately take advantage of this technological shift, but are unsure if they have the right data strategy and technology in place that will lead to success in building, deploying, and scaling new classes of applications securely and reliably. Many organizations are stuck with ineffective ways of working with data because of legacy technology that cannot scale, while others attempt to use single-purpose, bolt-on solutions that introduce unnecessary complexity and cost.

As a result, these organizations wind up trading off long-term success– because of outdated technology or add-on solutions–for short-term results with proofs of concept that cannot scale to production, offer enterprise-grade security and reliability, or provide a meaningful return on their investment. MAAP offers customers the technology, full-service engagement, and expert support required to: Develop end-to-end strategies and roadmaps to build, deploy, and scale generative AI applications with hands-on support: Engagement with MAAP begins with highly personalized deep dives. MongoDB Professional Services and consultancy partners then develop strategic roadmaps to rapidly prototype the required architecture, validate that initial results meet customer expectations, and then optimize fully built applications that customers can evolve for use in production.

Customers can continue receiving support from MongoDB Professional Services to develop new generative AI features depending on their needs. Build high-performing generative AI applications that are secure, reliable, and trustworthy: Enterprises must trust that new technology being deployed throughout their organization and in customer-facing applications will behave as expected and will not inadvertently expose sensitive data. MongoDB’s partnerships and integrations have helped company fine-tune AI models to specific use cases, enhancing Spotlight’s performance.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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