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MongoDB, Inc. (MDB) Presents at 26th Annual Needham Growth Virtual Conference (Transcript)

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MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) 26th Annual Needham Growth Virtual Conference January 16, 2024 10:15 AM ET

Company Participants

Michael Gordon – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Serge Tanjga – Senior Vice President of Finance

Conference Call Participants

Mike Cikos – Needham & Company

Mike Cikos

Great. Thank you to everyone for joining us today. My name is Mike Cikos. I am the Lead Analyst here at Needham covering infrastructure software. With me, I’m pleased to say we have the management team from MongoDB, CFO and CEO, Michael Gordon, as well as the SVP of Finance, Serge Tanjga. Thank you to both you guys for joining us today. We really do appreciate it as part of the Needham Growth Conference.

Michael Gordon

Thanks for having us, Mike.

Serge Tanjga

Thank you, Mike.

Mike Cikos

And I know we’re going to be tight on time here, so we’re just going to just tackle it right up front. But, one of the things I received a decent amount of inbounds on, obviously, has been the December security incident. Just to kick it off, can you kind of put any parameters out there as far as how extensive the unauthorized access was with respect to the customer base, as well as just set the table? I’m sure not everyone was following the blogs like I was, but anything else you could put around, that would be great.

Serge Tanjga

Sure. Yes. Thanks again, for having us. Happy to dive right into it and let’s start with that. So, as we shared, we were the subject of a phishing attack that gained access to certain of our corporate applications. The unauthorized, person got access primarily to customer contact info and other account-related information. We found no evidence of unauthorized access to Atlas clusters or the Atlas authentication system. Those are two different systems. So that’s sort

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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