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MongoDB launch program to build modern app with AI capabilities – Fierce Network

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MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) today announced the MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP) that is designed to help organizations rapidly build and deploy modern applications enriched with generative AI technology at enterprise scale. MAAP provides customers strategic advisory, professional services, and an integrated end-to-end technology stack from MongoDB and its partners. MAAP launch partners include industry-leading consultancies and foundation model (FM), cloud infrastructure, and generative AI framework and model hosting providers that together with MongoDB help customers identify business problems that can be solved with advanced AI-powered applications. MAAP is designed to be a one-stop solution for enterprises that want to quickly and effectively embed generative AI into applications with the required technology stack and expertise in place.

“We’ve seen tremendous enthusiasm for generative AI among our customers, from agile startups to established global enterprises,” said Alan Chhabra, EVP of Worldwide Partners at MongoDB. “These organizations leverage MongoDB’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services to transform innovative concepts into real-world applications. However, some are still navigating how best to integrate generative AI to solve the right business problems. That’s where the MongoDB AI Applications Program comes in. This program combines our robust developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas, with our own expertise, professional services, and strategic partnerships with leaders in generative AI technologies to provide comprehensive roadmaps for organizations of all sizes to confidently adopt and implement generative AI. With the MongoDB AI Applications Program, we and our partners help customers use generative AI to enhance productivity, revolutionize customer interactions, and drive industry advancements.”

Generative AI-driven innovation has set a clear imperative for every organization—to compete, they need to modernize their applications to meet and exceed customer expectations. Organizations of every size across industries want to immediately take advantage of this technological shift, but are unsure if they have the right data strategy and technology in place that will lead to success in building, deploying, and scaling new classes of applications securely and reliably. Many organizations are stuck with ineffective ways of working with data because of legacy technology that cannot scale, while others attempt to use single-purpose, bolt-on solutions that introduce unnecessary complexity and cost. As a result, these organizations wind up trading off long-term success—because of outdated technology or add-on solutions—for short-term results with proofs of concept that cannot scale to production, offer enterprise-grade security and reliability, or provide a meaningful return on their investment.

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Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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