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MongoDB Partners with Cohere to Elevate Enterprise GenAI Through MAAP

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The king of NoSQL MongoDB has launched the MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP) for enterprises to build and deploy advanced generative AI applications at scale. 

Cohere, a leading enterprise AI platform, will join MongoDB under the new AI Applications Program (MAAP). It will be among the first to partner in this program, leveraging its advanced generative models, specifically the Command R series, to enhance business operations globally.

Cohere’s enterprise AI suite improved LLM applications by integrating end-to-end retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a key component for businesses personalising AI with data. The Command R series, central to this suite, features advanced RAG techniques to prevent errors and supports tools for automating complex business processes. These models are adaptable across ten languages, catering to global operations and ensuring scalability, efficiency, and accuracy.

Additionally, the startup’s embed models enhance these capabilities, supporting enterprise search in over 100 languages, bolsters RAG applications’ robustness.

“Organisations of all sizes across industries are eager to get started with applications enriched with generative AI capabilities but many are unsure how to get started effectively,” said Alan Chhabra, EVP of Worldwide Partners at MongoDB. “The MongoDB AI Applications Program helps address this challenge, and we’re excited to have Cohere as a launch partner for the program,” he added. 

Key Features of MAAP

MongoDB’s flagship product, MongoDB Atlas Vector Search, includes several generative AI application development features.

The new program is designed to assist organisations in overcoming the common challenges associated with adopting generative AI technologies. This includes navigating outdated technology and complex, costly bolt-on solutions that hinder scalability and security. 

It is supported by a network of other partners, including Anthropic, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft, which ensure a wide range of expertise and resources for participating businesses.

Additionally, MAAP facilitates the development of secure and reliable AI applications by integrating trusted foundation models with robust governance controls to ensure data accuracy and safety. The program also includes personalized engagement sessions, strategic roadmapping, and hands-on support to help enterprises build, deploy, and scale their AI solutions effectively.

Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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