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Podcast: Arun Gupta on Managed Container Control Planes on AWS

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Article originally posted on InfoQ. Visit InfoQ

Arun Gupta discusses with Wes Reisz some of the container-focused services that AWS offers, including differentiating ECS and EKS. Arun goes into some detail the role that Amazon Fargate plays and goals behinds EKS. Arun wraps ups discussing some of the open source work that AWS has recently been doing in the container space.

Key Takeaways

  • ECS & EKS are both managed control planes; Amazon Fargate is a technology used to provision clusters.
  • ECR is the Amazon Container registry (similar to the Docker Registry).
  • EKS is an opinionated why of running a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. It is a highly available managed control plane available on US East 1 and US West 2 
  • EKS uses a split account. The control plane runs in an Amazon account and the workers run in customer’s account.
  • Upstream compatibility is a core tenant of EKS.

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