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ReSharper 2023.3: AI Assistant, C# 12 and C++ Support, Entity Framework Specific Analyses and More

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ReSharper 2023.3 is already available. This release contains AI Assistant and the extending support for C# 12 and C++. There are also Entity Framework-specific analyses and JetBrains Grazie as the built-in grammar and spelling checker.

AI Assistant has already been presented with the introduction of Rider 2023.3. This tool is also available for ReSharper. The latest improvements include AI-powered multiline code completion, the ability to create a library of custom prompts, generation of XML documentation and unit tests. Subscribing to the JetBrains AI Service grants access to the AI Assistant feature in ReSharper.

In the latest update, ReSharper extends support for C# 12 language features, covering basic constructors, alias directives, collection expressions, interceptors and more. The 2023.3 version introduces a new Razor formatting engine, aligning with ReSharper’s C# formatter and adapting to the latest language constructs and formatting options. The option to revert to the previous Razor formatting engine is available in ReSharper’s Options under Edit Code | Razor | Code Style.

New code formatting engine for Razor (Source: JetBrains blog)

In ReSharper 2023.3 also appeared changes according to C++ support. Code completion in currently inactive code blocks inside conditional preprocessor branches now suggests symbols from the global scope. Additionally, Find Usages has been enhanced to display potential usages in inactive code and macro bodies within dedicated results sections.

Furthermore, Entity Framework-specific analyses in ReSharper 2023.3 simplify analysing code for potential issues in the EF model, such as unlimited string property length and dependency loops. Invoking a context menu on the respective inspection and choosing “Show Entity Relationship Diagram” allows for visual investigation of the issue.

Additionally, JetBrains Grazie is now the built-in grammar and spelling checker for ReSharper. Grazie supports over 20 languages and detects natural language errors within ReSharper-supported programming languages (C#, C++, VB.NET), markup languages (HTML, XML, XAML), and comments. In order to include additional natural languages in Grazie, it is necessary to go to Options | Grammar and Spelling | General in ReSharper.

ReSharper has different subscription options depending on whether it is used by an organization or an individual. However, this tool is free for open-source projects or students. Details about subscription models and all features in the new version of the tool are available on the JetBrains website.

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