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Sxsw Interactive 2017 Highlights

MMS Founder
MMS LIndsey Jones

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In case many of you are wondering what Sxsw Interactive is really all about.   Sxsw is an environment where creativity, arts, technology, and business intersect and can collaborate and discuss technology, science, societal, and arts trends and current events.
It’s a place where you can ask a leader in the field of Artificial intelligence a question, run into a venture capitalist, shake hands with Mark Cuban, watch Joe Biden speak on cancer issues, discuss with a founder of a technology startup marketing issues, network with other Database independent professionals from around the country, see the latest in voice and machine learning personalization, run into a rock star, or walk down the street and run into a film celebrity on the red carpet! All in the same day!  Sxsw is an experience not obtainable anywhere else!
Ok, now on to some of the more substantive issues covered at Sxsw.
  • Data volumes will increase exponentially as autonomous cars stream upwards to a pedobyte of data a day! Role of Big data in relation to Artificial Intelligence cannot be overstated.  Connected autonomous car streams 4  TB of data/day.  Autonomous airplane streams 5 TB/day and a  smart factory streams 1 Pedobyte /day.
  • Data Infrastructure must be in place before machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can occur.
  • Autonomous trucks will be common in 4 years
  • The cloud will make it possible to store compute power and logic and push down rules to autonomous devices and robots that will enable local robotic intelligence on a large scale.
  • Voice will become the new interface
  • Job loss in the professional classes will be dramatic as Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence become widespread.
  • Artificial Intelligence assistants will appear in banking apps in the next year.
  • Close to 75% of Americans will be self employed as free lancers as permanent employees becomes a thing of the past.
  • Social friction will occur as wealth accumulates around the technology sector while other economic areas contract.
There is much more to discuss as i will cover in future posts!

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