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VR is not only for Gaming Industry

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Article originally posted on Data Science Central. Visit Data Science Central

Virtual reality as the name suggests is experiencing something unreal with certain senses. Virtual reality can also be stated as near reality. It is a form of reality emulation. Virtual reality app developers might use certain devices that will help the user to feel the senses and get the feeling of reality.

These senses can be in the form of visuals, sound, voice, touch, etc. Human brains are habitual in sensing the things that are real. Hence, if you see a pokemon through your smartphone’s camera, you are using eyes in the form of visuals.


Some interesting statistics related to virtual reality sector: 

  • It is estimated that virtual reality industry will generate a total revenue of 20 billion US dollars till the year 2020.
  • 51% of the US citizens are aware of the concept of virtual reality.
  • There are 22.4 million virtual reality users in the USA.
  • Almost 90% of virtual reality headsets are smartphone-based.
  • Millennials have more interest in virtual reality.
  • Popular smart device manufacturing company Samsung sold 4.3 million virtual reality devices in the year 2016 alone.
  • Among all virtual reality executives, 77% believe that it will impact the gaming industry most.
  • Statista generated a report on virtual reality that stated; install rate of virtual reality headset will increase to 37 million by the year 2020.


The virtual reality technology is mainly used in the gaming industry. Since it offers a virtual world and gives a feeling of reality, game developers and app development companies are seeking more and more ideas in the gaming sector.

No doubt maximum number of games are played by millennials. And as stated above, millennials are having more interest in virtual reality. Hence, game development companies consider hiring virtual reality app developers.

We all have heard of a famous game that changed the gaming world for some time. It was called Pokemon Go. The game developers made optimal use of virtual reality and the game gained so much of fame in one night !

The concept was; the user will see any pokemon through smartphone cameras and will have to capture that pokemon. GPS system was used here.

Users were guided with the route and location of pokemon was indicated on the map. The concept of this game was unique and brilliant! This game was a revolutionary one!

 But this, not the only industry that uses virtual reality. Whenever any new technology enters the market, experts from every sector analyzes the potential in the technology and try to explore the opportunities for their respective industries with that technology.


Different areas where virtual reality (VR) can be used in an efficient way:

1. Healthcare

With the help of VR, healthcare industry can benefit a lot. It can cure anxiety and phobias! Hypnosis is known as a perfect solution for phobias. But as we know, phobias are state of mind. Many incidences might cure it permanently.

For instance, a person is having a driving phobia. With the help of virtual reality, that person can actually get the feeling of driving in traffic virtually. Once his mind understands that this is not so tough and all you need is balance and controllable speed, you are through !

Then the person will surely overcome this phobia. Not only patients but doctors too can benefit from VR. Doctors, especially interns can perform practice surgeries with VR. Instead of operating an alive person, it works great with VR.


2. Education

Education industry has various ways to use VR. Students pursuing studies in Physics, or astronomy requires a deep knowledge of each and every concept. Many times live examples and practical sessions do not offer expected outputs. Imagine a student can actually travel the space and get the exact feel virtually! It will help students understand difficult subjects more easily.


3. Marketing

Not every marketer gets to sell sofas, tables or land! Marketing can be done with almost everything! Many times businesses sell very complex and highly effective solutions.

Having a mind that can generate great solutions is good but if you cannot convince others about its benefits, then your talent is of no use.

VR is helping marketers convey the messages in the more accurate way. Imagine a couple of devices showing the client the elaborated summary of product and how it works in a detailed way! This will have a stronger impact and increase the return on investments (ROI).


4. Entertainment

Gaming is a form of entertainment. Along with gaming, movies, web series, entertainment mobile apps, events, etc. can use VR. It has given a completely different look to the entertainment industry.

With certain VR devices, a user can view a movie by getting a feel of sitting in a cinema theatre with the big screen and those lights, etc.


5. Army training

In any army training, dummies are used to train the troops. What if these army troops get to practice their training sessions with a device on eyes that will give an exact war background! By doing so, armies will get a more proper training and will be ready for any sudden problems.

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Virtual reality is nothing but near reality. It lets you feel something which does not exist. Have you ever watched a movie with VR devices? It gives a real feeling. But it is a misconception that this mind-blowing technology is best suitable for only gaming sector.

It is used in different other industries such as healthcare, entertainment, education, training, marketing, etc.

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