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Why MongoDB Inc’s Stock Skyrocketed 31% in a Quarter: A Deep Div – GuruFocus

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MongoDB Inc (

MDB, Financial), a leading player in the software industry, has seen a significant surge in its stock price over the past three months. With a market cap of $26.22 billion and a current price of $371.55, the company’s stock has gained 2.29% over the past week and a whopping 30.69% over the past three months. This impressive performance is further underscored by the company’s GF Value, which currently stands at $582.7, up from $540.75 three months ago. According to the GF Valuation, the stock is significantly undervalued, suggesting potential for further growth.

Company Overview

Founded in 2007, MongoDB Inc operates in the software industry, providing a document-oriented database to its customers. The company boasts nearly 33,000 paying customers and well over 1.5 million free users. MongoDB’s NoSQL database, compatible with all major programming languages, can be deployed for a variety of use cases. The company offers both licenses and subscriptions for its service. 1696542857248112640.png

Profitability Analysis

Despite its impressive stock performance, MongoDB’s Profitability Rank stands at 3/10, indicating that its profitability is relatively low compared to other companies. As of April 30, 2023, the company’s Operating Margin was -24.82%, better than 25.02% of companies in the industry. Its ROE and ROA were -45.31% and -12.87% respectively, while its ROIC stood at -43.42%. These figures suggest that MongoDB has room for improvement in terms of profitability. 1696542875841462272.png

Growth Prospects

Despite its profitability challenges, MongoDB has demonstrated strong growth, with a Growth Rank of 8/10. The company’s 3-Year and 5-Year Revenue Growth Rates per share stand at 35.40% and 26.10% respectively, outperforming 88.16% and 88.89% of companies in the industry. Furthermore, MongoDB’s future total revenue growth rate is estimated at 22.52%, better than 85.2% of companies. However, its 3-Year and 5-Year EPS without NRI Growth Rates are -17.00% and -14.90% respectively, indicating some volatility in earnings. Nonetheless, the company’s future EPS without NRI growth rate is projected at a robust 75.50%, suggesting strong potential for future growth. 1696542892190859264.png

Major Stockholders

Among the top holders of MongoDB’s stock are

Jim Simons
(Trades, Portfolio),
PRIMECAP Management
(Trades, Portfolio), and
Paul Tudor Jones
(Trades, Portfolio). Simons holds 142,600 shares, representing 0.2% of the total shares, while
PRIMECAP Management
(Trades, Portfolio) and Jones hold 74,700 and 24,762 shares respectively, accounting for 0.11% and 0.04% of the total shares.

Competitive Landscape

MongoDB faces stiff competition from other software companies such as Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (

CHKP, Financial) and Akamai Technologies Inc (AKAM, Financial), both with market caps of $15.65 billion and $15.68 billion respectively. Despite this competition, MongoDB’s higher market cap and strong growth prospects position it favorably in the industry.


In conclusion, MongoDB Inc’s stock has shown impressive performance over the past three months, gaining 30.69%. Despite its relatively low profitability rank, the company’s strong growth prospects and undervalued stock suggest potential for further gains. However, investors should also consider the company’s competitive landscape and the performance of its major stockholders when making investment decisions.

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Article originally posted on mongodb google news. Visit mongodb google news

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