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The NoSQL database counter-culture!

MMS Founder
MMS Raul Salas




noun: counter-culture

  1. a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm.

“the idealists of the 60s counterculture”

Yesterday, NoSQL vendor Mongodb (MDB) went public and now has a $1.5 billion dollar valuation!  A pretty good IPO for a company that many database industry insiders said would fail.  Mongodb is a good example of how a technology driven counter-culture can remake an entire industry!

Many people do not even know about NoSQL technology, yet it’s impact is in our daily lives, everything from Netflix to Facebook to Amazon, NoSQL drives many of the Social media features used by everyone in the modern economy.

In some ways, NoSQL in 2017 is still considered counter-culture due to many corporations third party vendors not jumping on the NoSQL platform for their products.  This is slowly changing as software vendors like Sitecore Content Management software packages are requiring Mongodb  as a backend for their personalization features, forcing some fortune 500 companies to implement NoSQL in their environments.

Since the 1980s, relational database technology by Microsoft and Oracle basically ruled the market place.  This was intentional, since the relational database model reflected the business models between 1970-2005.   Sometime during the late 2000s, social media, the rise of Open Source software, cloud services, smart phones, and cheap commodity servers started to be common and business models changed along with the new social media technology.

To meet the needs of social media, a new generation of databases called NoSQL were being created in the Open Source world that more accurately matched the new business models being created as well as the appetite for speed of unstructured information from various sources.

NoSQL databases such as Mongodb were shunned by many Database professionals as novelties.  This mode of thinking was perpetuated by the major relational database vendors. In addition, Many Database administrators who spent most of their career becoming experts in relational database platforms were hesitant to embrace the NoSQL platforms.  DBAs main criticism of NoSQL database platforms was that they did not support transactions.  When in fact, Relational Databases did not reflect the new data and business models of social media, machine learning, and personalization era.  Social Media is probably as revolutionary as the invention of the printing press and society and businesses are adapting to this new form of communication.

In the future, Artificial intelligence will also make a comeback as Open Source NoSQL’s ability to handle unstructured data from multiple sources in Real-Time makes AI reality.   Self-Driving cars, Website Personalization, factory automation, machine learning algorithms running various business units will all use Open Source NoSQL database platforms.

Raul Salas


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